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If you are like me, I am still scratching my head from last night's episode....and still a little miffed. So, Ben killed Locke. I had my suspicions this might be the case. It seems like the tables are turning on the Ben = Good Guy business. I am still clinging to the thread that this is still the case, but after last night and seeing him kill Locke....I am definitely starting to have a "big fat meanie" vibe from Ben. What really suprised me about the whole scene was how it seemed Ben was sincere in his pleading with John, trying to save him, only to turn around and kill him. Is Ben doing this because he really does only want the island for himself, and that has been his motivation all along?? Or is there some other purpose in which he knows John is really the special, chosen one we all hope he is?? I have hopes it is the latter. It was heartbreaking to see John go through the rejection of all the 06'ers once again, especially Jack; and it was really heartbreaking to see him in that wheelchair again. Poor Locke. It was good to see him with Walt though. He genuinely cares for Walt and it seems he wants Walt to go on living his life in peace and far from the island. However, I feel like he has finally started turning the corner and now we will start seeing Locke becoming who he is supposed to be....The Leader.

I had a change of heart with Mr. Widmore after last night as well. Who can keep up with the good guy/bad guy on this show??? I really felt like Widmore was being honest with John about Ben exiling him from the island. How else do you explain the fierce fued between the two of them?? However, if Widmore knew that Ellie knew how to get back to the island, why didn't he just go to her himself and try to get back?? What prevents him from being able to get back the same way Jack & Co. did on Ajira?? He would simply have to go back to the island the same way he came to it in the first place, right?? But how DID he get to the island??? On the Black Rock perhaps??? Maybe that is why he has such an interest in paintings of it and books about it. Mysteries.....mysteries....

This scene was so great, I thought. You could tell John was so happy to be back. He is on "Island 2" looking across to "his" island. John seems to have risen from the dead, or been reincarnated, etc., as we all had thought. I'm glad because he is one of the best characters on the show IMO. BTW, did you notice at the beinning of the show, the guy and girl from the plane were talking as they walked by the plane which seemed to be in the trees??? Did you notice that the plane was actually just a little off the RUNWAY....the one that Juliette mentioned The Others were building?? How the he$$ did Ben know they would need a runway???? Hmmm???? Also, how will Ben react when he sees Locke is alive. "Hey Ben, wakey wakey....eggs and bakey. Oh yeah, and Locke's alive, sitting right next to you." DUN....DUN....DUN....

So on to next week.....title of episode is LeFleur. If you watched the promo, you noticed the above scene with Sawyer and a mystery woman with a sack over her head. The big question is....who is it?? Is it Kate??? Is it Sun??? Is it Claire??? What a jaw dropper that would be!!! Can't wait till next week. Someone on the island, turn the wheel so we can flash to next Wednesday please!!

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I think I can....I think I can....

119/365 - Goodnight kiss.
If this pic looks grainy, it is because my ISO was very high and the pic was taken in my kid's almost dark bedroom. Levels and curves adjustments used to try to bump up the light. I used the old photo effect on it too. Not sure if I like it or not. I think I might post the SOOC pic later to show how much I PS'd this one. It was probably something I should have just "tossed" but I liked the pic and wanted to try to salvage what I could.


I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for my 365 lately. Somedays are harder than others I guess. At least I am still going and I am happy about that.

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117 and 118

Old photo look

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Caught up with today's.

Behind again...

This week has been hectic. We have been on mandatory overtime at work and yesterday, they changed my schedule so now I am working Sunday-Thursday. YUCK!! Not much choice in the matter, but c'est la vie. Anyway, I am finally posting the last 4 days 365s.

I feel this first one needs a little explanation. Last year, I got a team together to enter the KidsPeace chicken wing cookoff. This was the first year they ever had it and my good friend Mei, the personal chef, talked me into doing it. (She is one of the organizers of the event). I was the team captain and came up with the recipe for the wings, which was a chipotle-based recipe. Anyway, our team ended up winning 2 awards, one for best booth design and the other for PEOPLE'S CHOICE!! It was great fun and I just got the registration forms in the mail yesterday for this year's competition. Soooo...that being said...


Kickn' Chicks was the name of our team, BTW. My husband made the sign. That pic was taken with my PNS last year.

Taken through the holes of my grill skillet hanging from my pot rack.

Quick one.

My new treadmill, courtesy of Uncle Sam and our tax refund!! I know....I know...I wanted camera equipment, but I thought we better get something my husband could use too.

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See, they're not just making it up as they go along!!

The first minute of this episode already had me gripped and sitting on the edge of my seat. It seemed like we were getting a flashback of the pilot episode, only to find out we are right on track with this week and Jack is back on the island!! Sooooo.....does that mean that the whole show is just one continous time loop??? I had theorized this some time ago, but we will still have to wait and is always the case with this show!!

So the Dharma initiative has this secret room under a church in Los Angeles that was built in order to be able to locate the island. Mrs. Hawking keeps on saying, "they used it to find the island" and "they built it many years ago." She also makes reference to a very powerful man being behind it begs to wonder if she is talking about Widmore....or Ben.....or Locke.....or Marvin Candle....or Vincent (lol). In any case, this is how she ultimately helps the '06 return to the least 3 of them anyway.

This scene was so funny to me. Jack: "How can you read?" Ben: "My mother taught me." lol!!

But how did Ben's mother teach him to read if she died giving birth to him?? Ben never stops being mysterious!!!

Speaking of Ben being mysterious.....what about this scene??? What in the world happened to poor Ben?? He looks like he has just had a Sayid a$$-whooping. But, he is at the marina...where boats are like Desmond and Penny are on.....and he told Jack he was going to keep a "promise to an old friend." I think Ben was making good on his promise to Widmore to kill Penny. Now whether he succeded or not, who knows, but if Desmond was anywhere around, that would definitely explain Ben's disheveled appearance. I hope he did not succeed in killing her because I would hate for Desmond to lose her like that, but it would be a very good reason for Desmond to return to the seek revenge. Or, possibly Ben nabbed Charlie, Desmond's son, in the process and snuck him on the Ajira flight back to the island. It is all part of Ben's master plan.....Ben to Locke in season 4 finale: "I always have a plan, John."

I wanted to include this pic just to point out that the producers of the show are always on their toes giving us more information than we know. Hurley is reading a comic book called Y: The Last Man. The main hero is trapped in a near-future time where all the men have died off and there are only women. Ultimately, the women will die out as they have no one to "breed" with, or have babies with. Then, they find out there are 2 men left in a space station and the race is on to bring them back to Earth. This is what is know in "Lost-world" as an easter egg. Lots of them throughout the series.

So, Jack, Hurley and Kate seem to be back on the island, but what has happened to Ben, Sayid and Sun??? I think the plane still crashed but in a different time. I think Jack, Kate and Hurley got time warped to their time and the rest of the Ajira passengers are safe, in a different time. Jin shows up at the end in a Dharma jumpsuit! I'm sure he was thinking, "Where's Sun??"


Next weeks episode is entitled "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." In the promo, we see that this will be the episode where we get to find out just exactly how Locke died, etc. However, if you watch closely in the promo, you will see that John is talking to the woman who escorted Sayid onto the Ajira plane in handcuffs. She says, "What do you remember?" and John says, "I remember dying." So, I think John is ALIVE!!! Now, the question is, was he reincarnated because his body was brought back to the island, or was he never really dead in the first place? My money is on the theory is that Ben (and possibly Locke himself) used the little spider from the Nicki and Paulo episode to make it seem that Locke was dead. I think this was the only way that Jack would have actually gone back to the island, to believe John was dead. Can't wait for next week!!! This has been such a great season!!

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Beyond Awesome!!

In my plight for Lost-related material, I often visit Jorge Garcia's blog (that's Hurley on the show). He is just as funny on the blog....possibly even funnier. At any rate, when I looked at it today, I saw he had posted about their 100th episode....and in celebration of it, they had Charm City Cakes make them a cake!! AWESOME!!! I love Duff and company!! Here are some of the pics he had posted!!

Here is his blog if you are interested.

5 days behind on posts...but now I'm caught up!

Days 107-111.

Just relaxing!

My Valentine's Day gift!!

What am I doing? Please ignore the cracked, dry feet. OMG!

I see Tart people!


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The return of Smokey!!

One of the biggest mysteries on the island is the Black Smoke Monster. Where does it come from? What is it's purpose in regards to the island, etc?? Well, in last nights episode, we seem to have gotten a glimps at least of where the smoke monster originates from....The Temple, which is where Ben tells his people to go at the end of season 4. It was interesting to see how Danielle's group encountered the smoke monster and how it is possibly the cause of their "sickness." That said, they should have listed to Jin and ran when they had the chance!!!

"No John, I told YOU to move the island." So the question is, was John really supposed to move the island?? Do we believe a dead guy (Christian Shepherd) or do we believe the sneaky con artist (Ben)?? Regardless, now that John has turned the wheel, I think the time traveling will stop and our on-island losties will be stuck in whatever time the last jump puts them in....which I believe will be while Dharma is on the island. The good news is that maybe it will mean no more nose bleeds/headaches but the bad news's Dharma. I think the on-island group will be stuck in the "little girl Charlotte" time period which will set up Daniel to be able to tell child Charlotte not to come back to the island....something I eluded to after seeing the first episode this season.

Yes, it seems Charlotte is dead....and she died on the island. Which, in Karen-theory-land, means she is really dead-dead. However, with the time traveling, we should still get to see her story pan out, just like we are getting Rousseau's. I am curious what she said to Jin before she died. It seemed quite intense and so far there are no translations out there. I will keep looking though. One theory is that while she was laying there, skipping through time, she sees Sun back on the island and dying. OH NO!!!!! Also, there is speculation that Charlotte's daddy could be none other than.....dun...dun...dun.....BEN!!! Interesting.
So next week, it seems the 06, or at least some of them, will maybe make it back to the island. I am surprised that they are already back, but excited to see what will happen to them now. Also, I love Desmond's line, "You are all going back to the island....willingly???" I'm right there with you brutha!! Go back to your yacht and sail off into the sunset with Penny and Charlie. :D Nothing spoilery this week other than....Jacob is.....(time flash).

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Soooo...this is how I spent the day yesterday...

Feeling a little better today....went outside for some fresh air.

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Weekend 365.

Day 102....texting.

Day 103....girls night out so I actually "fixed" myself up. lol!

Day 104....story time.

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Ben....friend or foe??

Okay, who didn't suspect that Ben could have been the one after Aaron? He was an obvious pick, but when he said, "No, Jack, she's right. It's me..." that just proves Ben is still sneaky and awesome!! But is he on the good guys side? I'm still up in the air. However, I am rooting for Ben to be a good guy in the end, just because I love the character so much. I knew when I saw the name on the carpet van last night that it had to mean something and sure enough, it is an anagram for "reincarnation." (All photos courtesy of DarkUFO). Maybe it is a hint that people are reincarnated on the island. However, if you die ON the island, you are really dead. If you die off the island and are brought to the island (like Jack's dad and apparently Locke), maybe you can be reincarnated. Just a thought. Unfortunately, this theory would mean that Charlie is really dead-dead and that is sad. :(

So the on-island group came across this new camp last night and they paid specific attention to showing this water bottle with an airline name on it. Speculation is that this is the name of the airline that will eventually bring the '06 back to the island, so when they were at this camp last night, they were in the future. Also, it could be that the people shooting at Locke and company in the canoes were actually the '06. Intersting theory. That would mean Juilette hit one of the '06....maybe even Jack. (gasp)

Jin's back!!!! I thought it was great that Rousseau's crew were the ones to find Jin!! Rousseau's back-story has always been a "promise" from the producers and now it looks like we will get it. However, how dumbfounded did Jin look to find out he was talking to Danielle!?! Poor Jin has no idea he has been time traveling. Give the guy a break!! He just learned English for crying out loud!! In the promo for next week, Ben tells Sun that he has proof Jin is alive. Wonder what it could be and how he will show it to her. One theory is that off-island Locke gave something to Ben to prove Jin was alive....possibly his wedding ring?? I guess we will have to wait until next week. Great episode!! No spoilers this week, but there is rumor that Charlotte and Miles meet each other at a very young age...possibly on the island??? Hmmmm.....

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Everything you see is equal to 100....except me. lol!!


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A day at the beach.

Here is what me and the family did yesterday!! Day 97/365

....and the day before. Day 96/365