Friday, May 30, 2008


Penny and Desmond...together at last!!! What a totally awesome season finale. There are soooo many great things to talk about but as I am supposed to be working, I will try to limit myself. First of all, the reunion between Penny and Desmond was so great. I have to admit, I had a tear in my eye and Sam made fun of me for it. Now what will become of our "Romeo and Juliet" of Lost? I think that reference is fitting seeing as how Widmore is looking for Desmond and Ben is looking for Penny. I hope their story does not end up like the original duo's did.

R.I.P Jeremy Bentham....I mean John Locke. Tonight we see John officially become the new leader of The Others, and then we see him dead. Of course, everyone wants to know what "bad things" happened on the island after Jack left? Death and destruction? Probably. All of the survivors have to go back together, including John, who is not really a survivor I suppose. A funny scene of Jack and Ben carrying John's dead body out of the funeral home with Joe Diffie's "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die" playing overhead comes to mind.

Ben = awesome! This scene of Ben "moving the island" was so great. I can't believe he actually gave up his chance to go back to the island to save it. Somehow, I think Ben will wind up back on the island though. So the question is, did he move the island in space, time or both?? My guess is both and we will see the island in a totally different scenario next season. Also, what is up with Miles telling Charlotte, "I am surprised you want to leave so bad, since you've spent so long trying to get back." Can Charlotte actually be Annie, the little girl from Ben's childhood? Sawyer and Juliette now think that Jack and Kate were blown up on the boat...hmm...that sets up an interesting twist to the love quadrangle next season. Kudos to Sawyer for jumping out of the copter by the way. Wonder what he whispered to Kate...probably something about his daughter, I'm guessing. Also, what happened to Faraday when the island moved? Is he just randomly riding around in his boat in the middle of the ocean now? Maybe he was close enough to the island that he moved with it. Who knows? Are Jin and Michael dead? I think they might be. So, now we go on Lost hiatus for eight months. SIGH. I need a new topic to write about now, and the summer television choices are slim to none. I will come up with something though. BTW Tearz, I know you liked the scene where Sayid kicked Keamy's ass! Had to add that for you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch at your own R I S K

A sneak peak video from tomorrow night's two-hour LOST season finale. The only thing I will say about this clip is that one of the people in it is supposed to be the person in the coffin.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Thank you to all the vets and soldiers for all they do and all they have done.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A couple shots with the new lens.

Read at your own R I S K!!

If you like surprises, stop reading now. However, since Tirzah is the only other person I know who reads this blog, I know she will be drooling over the spoiler news as much as I am.
First, the Oceanic 6 are reunited with their families back on the mainland. They are rushed to a news conference and later, they reunite again at a funeral service (minus Sun). The service is for Jack's dad. After the service, Claire's mom approaches Jack and Jack learns that he and Claire were related.
Back on the island, Sayid reaches the island in the zodiac boat and learns that Jack and Kate have gone after the helicopter. Kate and Jack run into Sawyer in the jungle and learn about Claire. Kate takes Aaron back to the beach and Jack and Sawyer go off after the helicopter. Kate gets back to the beach just in time to give Aaron to Sun before Sun and Jin leave on the boat with Dan. Kate and Sayid go after Jack and Sawyer, but are trapped by Alpert and a group of Others.
Ben, Locke and Hurley arrive at The Orchid station just as Keamy's group is arriving there also. Ben gives Locke some orders regarding what to do about moving the island and then Ben says he will take care of Keamy and his men. Ben then walks right up to Keamy, who proceeds to knock Ben out.
Back on the mainland, Sun tells her father that she has bought half of the company out from under him and that she blames him and one other person for the death of her husband. (could that other person be Jack?)
The losties begin to explore the freighter and discover Michael who tries to explain himself. They also discover a bomb onboard.....oh, and the remote detonator is strapped to Keamy's arm!!! RUH ROH RAGGY!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cabin Fever

Okay, so the biggest news of the night is that Ben and Hurley are starting to sweet! lol! So many great things to comment on about last nights episode. First of all, I posted the picture of the comic book that was placed in front of young Locke because it was just too cool and so I chose it for my blog pic. This was actually a real comic book series from the 50s...the extent to detail the producers exhibit on this show amazes me. So, what was Locke supposed to chose?? Obviously not the knife. I think child John knew he was not supposed to chose the knife. I came up with a new theory after watching last nights epi. It seems that the island is trying to change John from a Man of Faith into a Man of Science and it is trying to change Jack from a Man of Science into a Man of Faith. Or perhaps, the island is just trying to bring out those attributes in each of the two men that they already possess but are trying to hide. Too confusing?? Well, it's LOST!!!

So, Keamy killed the captain. Boo! I was just starting to like the captain since he seemed like one of the good guys. I am hoping Ben gets a chance to even the odds with Keamy...just wait and see what Smokey does to you...KEAMY!!

On to Claire and dear ole' dad. So sweet to see them spending quality time together in the creepy, dirty, scary cabin that felt like at any moment someone or something was going to jump out of the dark and scare the crap out of you!!! What the hell, Claire?? More answers, less questions, please!!!

"He told me he wants us to move the island." I was literally on the edge of my seat at this moment in the show. I have read some of the blogs and I agree with one regarding John's comment. I believe that John/Ben/Jacob/Hurley or maybe even Vincent the dog will be moving the cabin to a very cold climate, which is where the polar bears/parka/men searching for the island for Penny come in. I think this will be one of the final scenes of the season and could be the reason Jack cannot seem to find his way back. It will be interesting to see how the Losties cope with sub-zero temperatures only having fig leaves for clothes. Of course, Ben will probably time-warp into a Wal-Mart and pick up some sweaters and mittens for everyone. In any case, I really liked this theory and can totally see it happening.

Next week begins the three-hour season finale which will be separated into two nights...with one hour next Thursday and then we have to wait A WHOLE WEEK to see the last two hours!! AAAAHHH. I guess that is nothing compared with the fact that after that week is over, we will have to wait all summer. Then what will I blog about??? As always, if there is any good stuff, I will get it on here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something to chew on.

Is it any wonder why I love this show??

Monday, May 5, 2008


Max and Ruby, for those who do not know, is a children's show about a brother and sister rabbit. Most of the shows my kids watch, I can stomach for the 5-6 hours a day that cartoons monopolize my television. This show, however, is one of the few that I cringe at when I hear the theme song. Of course, it is the shows the parents HATE that the children LOVE. My biggest issue with this show is the fact that the little brother, Max, is constantly doing things he is not supposed to. He is essentially teaching my kids how to misbehave. Because of that fact, Max and Ruby is now off limits at my house...even though they do have a catchy theme song...damn them!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Horace Goodspeed

"I'm not making much sense to you right now, am I? That's probably because I've been dead for 12 years." Have we seen our first real look at Jacob? The promos for next week gave us a sneak peek at a Locke-centric episode in which we see a character the blogs state is Horace Goodspeed. Speculation about him is abundant, with some calling him Jacob and others saying he is from "The Purge." One of the pics I saw of him, he had a bloody nose, much like those who are affected by "the sickness" of time travel. Perhaps he was a member of Rousseau's crew?? Whoever he is, it will be a great episode for sure!!
So, Jack has an appendectomy performed by Juliette; Kate and Jack are "chummy" in the flash forward, to say the least; and Claire mysteriously disappears into the jungle with dear ole' dad. Hurley delivers a creepy message to FF Jack from Charlie stating that he is not supposed to raise Aaron. Kate does a "favor" for Sawyer in the FF and this tips Jack over the edge of his already paranoid mind. This is obviously at least part of the reason for his broken-man appearance in last year's season finale. One of the most interesting things I found about last night's episode was something Rose said. "People don't get sick on this island, they get better." Why did Jack get sick??? Rose and Bernard were awesome last night IMHO. Can't wait for next week. If I find any more good stuff, I'll be sure to post. BTW, a funny side note I found this morning...Horace Goodspeed can be an anagram for Escaped Good maybe he is on "our" side. :D