Monday, May 31, 2010


Thank you so much, all of you who voted. I have closed the poll. I appreciate all the great feedback I received. I have ordered the top 3 (lilly, hummingbird and daisy) and will see what they look like when I receive them. Then, I will chose which one to enter into the art show. I'll let you all know how I do! Thanks again everyone!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art show poll

The hospital I work for is having an art contest and is asking for submissions. I was thinking about entering one of my photos, but I need help deciding which one. I am only allowed one entry, so I have picked some of my favorites and need your help in voting which is the best. However, if you have another suggestion on one of my photos you have seen, please let me know! Thanks for helping me!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"I once was Lost, but now I'm found."

Tears. Intensity. Joy. Sadness. Laughter. Pain. Love.


The finale.

It had me reduced to a

crying, laughing, blubbering, sniffling, tear-wiping mess!!

Some will hate it....some will be confused....some will love it.

I am in the latter group. It was such a beautiful

way to say goodbye.

Theories will rise and people will still be confused. There will still

be unanswered questions and mysteries unsolved.

In the end, we all make your life worthy of

going on to be with those you love.

Thank you LOST for an amazing show!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Across the sea...untangled.

Taking the easy way out again this week as I am swamped with work today. The one thing that is not mentioned in this video is the Adam and Eve reveal. I am happy with the reveal that it was "mother" and Jacob's brother in the cave....I'm not convinced MIB = the same person who died and Jacob placed in the cave. I think when he turned into the smoke monster, he may have turned into a whole different entity all together.

A good theory going around now is that Desmond may be immune to the light and if he is exposed to it, he will not change into the smoke monster. It may be that Desmond will have to go there or bring MIB there to return the light to its origin, and thus return the order of things. Maybe by doing this, Desmond will show MIB that people can be inherently good and this will free him from his smoke prison. I actually am kind of hoping for his release now after watching Across The Sea, but may change my mind when we see him being evil again as Flocke.

In any case, here is a recap via Lost Untangled.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let the tears begin....:*(

Is it really true?? Did we really lose so many of our beloved Losties in last night's episode? I guess it is inevitable as the end draws near that we will lose some, but it is still heartbreaking to see. However, it still seems there may be hope for them in the ALT timeline. Let's talk about The Candidate.

In ALT time, Jack has operated on Locke and discovers that he can fix his paralysis. John tells him no, but doesn't explain why so Jack takes it upon himself to unraval the mystery. He starts by visiting John's dentist who turns out to be Bernard. Bernard gives Jack a name for him to follow up with to find out about John's accident and that name is.........

Anthony Cooper. Turns out John's dear old dad in ALT timeline is in a similar state as John. Wheelchair bound. As Jack discovers, John was trying to get his pilot license and begged his father, whom John states "he loves more than anything" to be his first passenger. John crashed the plane and so he blames himself for his father's condition. This is the reason he will not let Jack fix him. A few tidbits thrown in here and there were the fact that as John was still coming out of the effects of his anesthesia, he was mumbling about "pushing the button" and "I wish you would have listened to me." Then, as John is leaving the hospital, Jack tells John, "I wish you would believe me." How the circumstances have been reversed!!

Back on the island, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sun and Lapidus are taken captive by Widmore's people and they take them to the cages. Smokey, Jack and Sayid break them out of the cages and then head to the Ajira plane.

At the plane, Flocke arrives first and wipes out the guards and then boards the plane to find it is rigged with C4. Of course, he always likes to have a little extra C4 to have on hand, so he grabs a bundle and decides that now they need to take the sub as the plane may still be rigged with more explosives. They arrive at the sub and there is a gunfight with Widmore's people as they are trying to take it over. Kate is shot!!!! {gasp} It looks to be only in the shoulder area, so I think she will be okay...but we shall see. Jack (who up to that point was not getting on the sub) grabs her and helps her onto the sub. Everyone boards the sub safely...except Flock and Claire. Poor Claire....always getting left behind.

Turns out, Flocke was setting them up all along as he had taken the C4 and fashioned a bomb out of it and placed it in Jack's backpack. Sayid and Sawyer are trying to figure out how to diffuse it.

Jack tells them not to touch it as nothing is going to happen. Jack tells them maybe Flocke is not able to kill them so he wants them to kill themselves. Sawyer thinks Jack is full of it, as usual, and so Sawyer pulls the wires which triggers the bomb. Sayid tells Jack that there is a well on the island and Desmond is in it. "Locke wants him dead so that means you need him," he tells Jack. Jack: "Why are you telling me this?" Sayid: "Because it's going to be you Jack." Sayid grabs the bomb and runs out the door.

:*( SAYID!! I will say I am glad that he was able to redeem himself in the end and that he died valiantly saving some of his friends. Still....{sniff}
FRANK!! The blast from the bomb causes the sub to start sinking and the pressure causes the sub door to blow knocking Frank out. Though we do not have absolute confirmation that he is dead, I fear he is. {sniff #2}
SUN AND JIN!!! But, they just got back together!! When the blast occurred, it knocked a cabinet onto Sun and she was trapped by some metal. Jin tries and tries to free her, but he can't. Sun begs him to leave, but he tells her he will never leave her again. Insert Titanic moment here...
"Near......far......where ever you are...." Okay...I'll refrain from singing. RIP Sun and Jin. {sobs...sniff #3 and #4}
Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate make it back to the island where Jack tells them Jin and Sun did not make it. Hurley sobs....HURLEY?!? {sobs, heartbreak}
Jack, overcome with emotion himself, steps into the ocean, looks up to the heavens and sobs. This was one of the most emotional scenes I've seen Jack do. {sobs, sniffs, tissues strewn everwhere} Okay, I'm a little overly emotional!!
What an episode. You can really feel the end is coming. Only 1 more regular season episode and then the 2-1/2 hour series finale. It is going to be fantastic, but sad to see it end. If this episode is any indication, stock up on the Kleenex folks!!
I have some spoilers but don't have time to post them right now. Check back later.