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Poker faces.

Yes, they are all me. 94/365

No wonder they are having headaches...

......all these mysteries are enough to give ANYBODY a headache!!! However, having a hydrogen bomb on the island could definitely cause people to be sick, don't you think? However, if you buried it underground, say in a Dharma Swan station, and surrounded it with concrete you might be safe. This episode had a lot of new twists and turns, which I loved. First off....

Ellie. She seemed to be a pretty important addition to the story...and it would only make sense that she is in fact....dun...dun...dun...Daniel's mom!! Mrs. Hawking's first name is Elloise as we learned from Desmond's flashback/forward episode. Daniel named his experimental rat Elloise. Daniel seems to recognize Ellie when he sees her, which makes me think that Ellie is Daniel's dear ole' mom....who happens to look younger than him in this epi. However, an even bigger reveal was that CHARLES WIDMORE was on the island at the same time!!! Wow!! That is awesome. I have a theory that Widmore and Ellie/Hawking might be brother and sister, thus making Daniel Widmore's nephew. I like this new story line a lot.
Another edge of my seat moment from last night was when Locke told Alpert the day he was born and told him to go back and see for himself. This is so cool because we know that Alpert does in fact do this, which explains why he is standing at the window when Locke is born. Sawyer: "How old IS Richard anyway?" Juliette: "Really old." I think we will probably see Captain Alpert on the Black Rock when it crashes onto the island too. He seems timeless.
Finally, my newest thoughts. LOST is inherently a story about the mysteries of an island and it's time-traveling capabilities, etc. However, LOST is also inherently about love stories (Penny and Desmond; Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Juliette; Sun/Jin; Charlie/Claire). The newest addition to this seems to be Daniel and Charlotte. I think Daniel is trying to "ride the time traveling waves" until he comes to the point in the past in which he can attempt to change something to help Charlotte (possibly save her life or something) because he is indescribably in love with her. Also, another possible theory is....what if there was another love triangle long before the Jack, Kate, Sawyer crew? What if the triangle was Richard, Ellie and Widmore. This could explain why Ellie and Widmore are no longer on the island. Of course, this makes the theory of Ellie and Widmore being brother and sister null and void, but it could make a case for Daniel being Widmore's son instead of being his nephew, thus making him Penny's half brother. WHEW!! Now I am getting a headache!!
Okay, time for some spoilers. This is some info I got from an intervew with the producers of the show. They were asked questions about the show submitted by fans. Here are the Q/As.
Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse kindly agreed to a round of False; True; Hell No, We Won't Tell You, and they addressed all your burning Q's about season five. If you've never played this game with us before, the rules are these: We suggest a potential spoiler, and the show runners answer "False," "True" or "Hell no, we won't tell you."
  • 1. We'll find out what Sawyer told Kate in the first half of the season.
  • Carlton Cuse: True.
  • 2. There's some kind of romantic tension between Sawyer and Juliet.
  • Damon Lindelof: True.
  • 3. Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know.
  • D.L.: Hell no, we won't tell you!
  • C.C.: True.
  • D.L.: Carlton!
  • 4. Christian took Claire into the cabin to protect her from the impact of the time-jumping Island.
  • C.C.: Wow. I think that's a hell no.
  • D.L.: That's a hell no.
  • 5. Ben really cannot go back to Island.
  • D.L.: Um, false.
  • 6. Someone in the Oceanic Six will die.
  • D.L.: Hell no, we cannot tell.
  • 7. Locke can escape death somehow.
  • D.L.: He looks pretty dead to me.

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91/365. Can't wait for spring.

Day 92/365. Chop....chop....chop.

So....there I was....and then again, and again.....and one more time. 93/365.

LOST tonight. Be sure and check back tomorrow for my review!

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90 days.....

Day 89/365

90 days into my 365 project!!! I am proud that I have stuck with it. I look forward to the next 275 pics....oh my...did I say 275????

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back in black.....

......and white. Day 88/365.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Day tempting.

Skipping through time....

At last, LOST is finally back!!! What an awesome season premier!! I hope you all had a chance to watch. For once, I think an opener answered more questions instead of giving more questions. Though it did prove true to form and give us some more puzzles to try to figure out.

So, the best thing about the epi last night, IMHO, was finding out that the island is now skipping through time. I think this makes the people left on the island the most intersting story line so far. (Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that my fav man, Sawyer, is still on-island). This opens up the story to tell us any and everything that has happened on the island. Now we can find out about Rousseau, the 4-toe statue, the Black cool!!!

Daniel Faraday has become much more interesting as well. Not to mention Desmond, who I have always loved. The two of them seem to be very important this season, and I am anxious to see how these story lines play out. BTW, who could Faraday's mom be? He was just getting ready to tell Desmond when he shifted through time again. My thoughts are.......

Ms. Hawking. She seems a likely suspect. Especially after seeing this last clip of her and Ben. In case you do not remember her, we have seen her in previous episodes, most notably in Desmond's flashback episode where she told him he couldn't change the past. Of course, she could just be another one of Ben's minions. :D

Finally, a few "spoilers."

***One beloved Lostie will be in mortal danger by the end of next week's episode. OK, fine, it's Charlotte. Those nosebleeds are going to get much worse before they get any better. Luckily she has Daniel Faraday on her side, and he has a wicked-bad crush on Charlotte, and he's going to save his crush object...Right, Lost? Right?
*** Miles sees four dead people next week, and the reason those dead people were on the Island in the first place might just explain many of the Lost mysteries.
*** We'll be reminded next week that it's always handy to have an Other on your side. Look for Juliet to reveal another secret power of her Otherhood.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk about how awesome Lost is, please feel free to leave me comments!! BTW....this last pic is for you Tearz. :D

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Welcome old friend!!!

Yep. We finally got some snow....the most we have seen around here for years. At one point, before the melting started, we had almost 6 inches. I know this is not a big deal to those of you dealing with several feet or daily snow storms, but for us, this is wonderful. We hardly ever get to see snow, and when I get to see it, it is like welcoming an old friend.

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Nose to nose.

Day 84

Weekend shots.

Day 82. Lighting provided by 17 birthday candles.
Day 83. Sunday afternoon with Guitar Hero.

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Day 79/365. Couch potato.

Day 80/365. Fun with water.

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The land of the Lost.

I feel the need to warn some of my new blog viewers of what is soon to come on my blog. If you have ever seen the movie Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore, you will understand. The obsession that Jimmy Fallon has with the Red Sox in that movie is similar (though not quite to that extent...but close) to my afinity to Lost. The new season starts up one week from today, and during the season, I will post little tidbits of info that you may or may not know about the show. It makes the interactive watching of the show even more addictive and fun. I hope you all enjoy the posts....and sometimes I will post things that you may not want to know, but I will warn you if it is a ***spoiler***. So, without further delay, here is a little info I have found out about the premier episode. :D


* Shortly after meeting Ben at the funeral house, Jack shaves off that awful beard.

* We witness the construction of the most important Dharma station of all.

* Daniel makes it back onto the island.

* Richard Alpert gives Locke something important - and insists it be returned to him in short order.

* Hurley hearts little dogs.

* Desmond has an epiphanic "flashback" of his own.

* At least two characters return from the dead. Sort of.

* Hurley gets a lot of help from his parents.

* The camp disappears.

* Ben is working to a deadline.

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Day 77.....looks kinda like a zebra print.
Day 78....primpin' aint easy.

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Some birthday pics

The birthday girl...

Day 76

The birthday gang and our "fly" sunglasses. lol!

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Your mission....should you choose to accept it....

...invite several 4-year-old girls to your house...feed them cake and ice cream and then try to control the chaos for 2 hours. This message will self destruct...." Yes....I am humming the theme song!! Day 75/365

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Are you ready for some football???

Cheesy enough for ya??

Before any contradicting posts, yes, I am first and foremost a Bronco fan. However, since they failed to deliver for me, I must now go with the home team.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Days 71 and 72.

Day 71. Dylan had to have me put Sponge Bob on my "boo-boo." Then he kissed it for me. Awwwwww.....

Day 72. Jump for joy!! This is in response to my mom getting news that her tumor is in the normal stage. Basically, that means she is stable for now and we are so happy to get some good news!!

Day 72....optional. I liked the previous one simply for the description of the shot. However, I also liked this one. I was "camera jumping."

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Happy Birthday Emily!

Four years already??? Hard to believe. Your spirit and laughter fill my life more than you will ever know. I love you ~ Mommy!

Weekend 365.

Day 70. Just learning my way around in PSE and trying different looks.

Day 69. Laundry day....UGH!!

Day 68. Playing with my new Wii Fit. I love it!!