Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

So, I decided to do my recap a little different this week...(sorry for the absence last week. I was out of town). This is a funny recap of everything that I would have talked about. Enjoy.


I won't leave you hanging without something to tide you over for the next 2 (yes, I said 2) weeks!! Here are some promo pics from the next episode, The Candidate (courtesy of DarkUFO).

Ummm.....that doesn't look good!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Steak salad via Chef Mei!!

One of my very good friends, Chef Mei, is a personal chef here in Fayetteville. She is amazing at what she can do in the kitchen!! You can find her on Facebook @!/pages/Chef-Mei-Personal-Chef-Service-LLC/369968042942 This is a recipe she posted yesterday that I tried last night. Steak Salad. It was simple and delicious!! Give it a try for yourself.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet nectar of life.

Easter lilly shots. A funny side story to the dinner table last night my husband said, "Do you dare me to taste that nectar?" I said, "No." He then put some on his spoon and proceeded to touch the spoon to his tongue. Now THAT is when I needed the camera out!! I'm still wiping the tears away! Ha ha ha ha!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

All you need is LOVE.

Or is it Hume? I guess after seeing Happily Ever After, you could say that you are getting both, since Desmond now seems to be playing Cupid. So, let's recap.

We start off the episode with Desmond waking up on the island. Widmore proceeds to tell him that he had to bring him back to the island because it wasn't finished with him yet. Then, he takes Desmond into the giant pink donut electromagnet room (okay, that's what they looked like to me) and proceeds to do a test on Desmond. He says he wants to see if he can survive another catastrophic EM exposure. Then they turn on the big donuts and poof.....

Desmond winds up at LA X. When Desmond finds his driver, we see yet another familiar (yet deceased on-island) face. It is George Minkowsi. In case you were thinking, " I remember him but I don't know where we've seen him before," let me refresh your memory.

We saw George in The Constant. He was on the freighter, and was the one who was experiencing the skipping in time as Desmond does.

George takes Desmond to his boss' office. Notice the painting on the wall...a balance with white and black stones. Just like the balance in Jacob's cave. Hmmm...

We also see Desmond looking at a sailboat model, which seems identical to the one that brought him to the island. It turns out that Desmond is working for Widmore, and they are best buddies. Aww...Des and Wid = BFFs. Widmore tells Desmond he has a special job for him. He wants Desmond to pick up a member of Drive Shaft and take him to his home to join his son in a special benefit concert merging classical music with rock music. Seems pretty trendy, Widmore!

Of course, our Drive Shaft band member is none other than Charlie!! Oh how I've missed him. Charlie is a bit changed by his near death experience on the plane. He tells Des that he experienced love at the moment he "died." He saw a vision of what can only be interpreted as Claire and he felt the connection and love they shared on the island. Now, it seems Charlie is determined to find her. He tries to convince Desmond of this by "showing" him it was real. He causes the car to crash into the water and {see above photo}. A bit creepy but effective Charlie.

After the accident, Desmond goes to the hospital where he ends up getting a MRI. Ha! An excuse for me to use my medical terminology knowledge. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging (in case you didn't know that). The MRI triggers Desmond's memories of Penny and their life together. Now, Desmond understands that the life he is living might not be the one he is SUPPOSED to be living.

Desmond goes to Widmore's house to explain to Mrs. Widmore (i.e. Eloise Hawking) that he lost Charlie. She is fine with it. I don't think she is a big fan of You All Everybody. Desmond is leaving when he hears the waiters discussing the guest list. He hears them mention Penny's name. He asks to see the list but Mrs. Widmore says NO WAY JOSE. He needs to stop looking for whatever it is he is looking for and just live his wonderful life. Desmond goes back to the car and pours himself a drink when there is a knock on the window. Enter....

DANIEL!! In case your keeping count, that is 3 zombies in this episode!! Daniel describes to Desmond that he felt the same "love connection" Charlie described about a redhead who works at the museum. He then shows Desmond his notebook with all of his mad-scientist scribbles. He thinks perhaps he caused his alternate reality by setting off a bomb. Hmmm...well it wasn't actually you who did it Daniel. We can thank Juliette for that.

Desmond now understands what he must do. He asks Minkowsi to get him the flight manifest of Flight 815 because he wants to show all the passengers something. He wants to show them how to live Happily Ever After. =)


For this weeks' spoilers, I have a sneak peak of next week's episode, Everybody Loves Hugo. It is a Hurley-centric episode. In the cast for next week, both Michael and Libby are listed to be in it! The end is coming too fast though. Soon, it will all be over. =(