Friday, March 14, 2008


So far this year, my favortie movie is Stardust. I HIGHLYrecommend everyone watch this movie. A "BigFish" filmed fairytale movie. Love, Adventure and all the twist that a good chick flick deserves. I don't want to blog too much in fear of giving it away, but you must see it! Comment back when you do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Post goes to my all time Favorite thing


As I contemplated my first post, I began to think about all of my favorite things. There are many...but the one thing that I couldn't live without in a house with two toddlers is my new Hoover All terrain steamvac (carpet/hardwood). This item has saved me countless hours on my hands and knees scrubbing and scrapping petrified fruity pebbles off my hardwood floors, not to mention lots of sweat and towels from mopping up juice spills and strawberry stains from the carpet. Go to the hoover website for more info: I recommend this steamer vac to all! Happy Steaming!