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The AWESOME "Package"!!

Okay, so the episode might not have been up to last week's standards (how could it compare), but any LOST is good LOST right?? There were still some very exciting parts this week, so let's get started!!! Oh, and for the record, I did not like the V in the bottom of the screen telling me how much LOST I had left. No one was interested in how long it was until V came on, we were just watching it saying, "Only 5 more minutes left!!! NOOOOO!!"

This week was all about Sun and Jin. We start off learning that in FS, they are not married. I was not surprised by this too much. It seemed to point that way in the season premier. It also seems that neither Sun nor Jin can speak English in this episode. I am not sure what significance it is, but it does seem to come into play later in the episode when Sun runs into a tree and bumps her head on the island (while being chased by Smokey/Flocke). She then forgets how to speak English, seemingly tying the two timelines together.

On island, Team Flock is ambushed by Widmore's group and they take Jin. (BTW, they were only able to ambush them after Flocke and Sayid had left to go to the other island. Otherwise, I'm sure Smokey would have had them for lunch). Jin finds himself in Room 23, which is the "torture chamber" (for lack of a better term) that we have seen previously. Jin hits the switch on the wall and starts the torture process. We see some images pop up shortly on the wall before Jin finally turns off the switch. The above image is one of the ones that poppped up.

Zoey then comes in and tells Jin that she needs his help to try to find some concentrated electromagnetism areas on a map she has that seem to bear his signature (probably from Dharma). He tells her he's not talking to anyone but Widmore. Widmore comes in and tells Jin that he found Sun's luggage on the plane and there was a camera in it. He gives it to Jin and he gets to see his daughter for the first time in the pictures. This part was awesome but had my eyes welling up. :( Poor Jin.

Could the pylons represent a literal line drawn in the sand here? It would seem so, as Flocke so much as says the same to Widmore, stating that the war has been brought to the island. I am wondering how the pylons keep Flocke/Smokey out though? My husband thinks they emit a sound wave barrier. What keeps him from just going over the top of them though? Any thoughts??

Back in FS, Jin and Sun meet up with Keamy who, as it turns out, is working for Sun's dad, Mr. Paik. Keamy tells them that he needs the money that Mr. Paik sent with them (which was confiscated at the airport). They try to explain this to him but he cannot understand them, so he calls for his interpreter, which turns out to be Mikhail. Sun tells Mikhail that she has money in her account and can get it for them. To be safe, Keamy takes Jin with him and Patchy takes Sun to the bank. At the bank, they find out that Sun's account has been closed by her father. Uh oh!!! Sorry, daddy knows Sun!!! They go back to the restrauant to find Keamy and the other men shot (by Sayid). Jin manages to free himself and tries to escape with Sun, but him and Patchy fight over the gun and Jin ends up shooting Patchy in the eye! (Again, timelines are crossing). However, in the process of the fight....

Sun is shot too!!! WHAT?!? As Jin is trying to get her out, she tells him, "I'm pregnant." Oh Sun, I hope you make it. I am beginning to think that FS is the result of MIB being released from the captivity of the island. It seems that we are starting to see the FS story lines becoming a little less happy as time goes by. However, the title of next week's episode is Happily Ever After, so maybe I'm wrong. Oh yeah, next week's episode also happens to be.......

DESMOND-CENTRIC!!!! Yes, that's right. Desmond was "The Package" that was locked up in the submarine (just as I thought). I am sooooo happy that Desmond is back. He has always been one of my favorite characters. I cannot wait to find out what is in store for him and how he ties into everything. However, creepy zombie Sayid is there lurking in the water, so who knows what Mr. Hume's fate may be.


Can't leave you all without something to tide you over until next week, so here is a sneak peek of Happily Ever After.

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Nic Cage as Jack Shepherd

This is a link to a blog I follow, Nicholas Cage as Everyone. These are so funny, but this one was Lost-related, so I thought I would share it here. :) Happy Lost day!!

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Had to post this!!

Find more videos like this on The Twilight Saga

Ab Aeterno: "From the beginning of time."

I am still reeling this morning from last night's Lost! I have not yet wrapped my brain around everything that transpired in this episode. I am glad I am off today, so I have time to rewatch it and try to figure things out a little bit more. From the beginning of the show, we (the fans) have been told the island is not Hell, Purgatory, or anything of the like. However, after last night, we are all questioning that I'm sure. is my take on the fantastic Richard-centric episode, Ab Aeterno.

Richard's story begins in 1867 when we discover that his wife is very sick. Richard is determined to do anything he can to save her. He tells her he is going to get her help, and then she gives him her necklace. I love the love stories on this show. They are so real and pure, which is a true testament to the actors, I think.

Richard goes to find the doctor and gives him all the money he has as well as Isabelle's necklace. The doctor says that is not enough and tells him that the necklace is worthless. In Richard's anger, he pushes the doctor who falls and hits his head on the table, thus killing him. He takes the medicine and runs away.

Unfortunately, Richard is too late when he returns with the medicine and Isabelle has already died. In his grief, he is arrested for the doctor's murder and imprisoned.

In the prison, Richard is visited by a priest. Upon asking the priest to absolve him of his sins, the priest tells Richard he cannot do this as Richard must atone for his sins and he does not have time to do this as he is to be hanged the next day. Is this priest for real?? There were so many reasons I disagreed with the priest, and I was crying out to Richard...telling him that, yes, he could be absolved and forgiven, but my heart was breaking for him as the priest told him that the Devil awaited him in Hell.

Luckily (?), the next day, Richard is instead sold to a slave trader (working for Magnus Hanso) and boards The Black Rock. After being at sea for a while, there is a storm/hurricane/tsumani (take your pick) which leads to The Black Rock crashing into the Tawaret statue on the island! Awesome!!!

After the shipwreck, Richard is found alive with the other slaves in the hull of the ship. The captain comes in and kills everyone because he thinks they will eventually kill him.

Just when the captain is about to kill Richard, we hear a very familiar noise. Smokey shows up and kills everybody on the ship, and then he approaches Richard. He "assesses" Richard, and determines not to kill him. Instead (here is my theory), he read Richard's thoughts and discovered what has just happened to Isabelle, learned what he was told about Hell, and so Smokey decides to use this to his advantage.

I think Smokey then took the form of Isabelle to try to manipulate Richard into helping him try to kill Jacob. Some people are questioning how Isabelle could be trying to help Richard out of the chains, when Smokey noises were being heard from above. However, we have been shown in past episodes that Smokey can "divide" himself. Therefore, I still feel that Isabelle was in fact a manifestation of MIB. Shortly after Isabelle is "taken" by Smokey, MIB shows up and frees Richard from his chains. As a condition, however, MIB tells Richard he must do something for him....he must kill the Devil. He tells Richard that he is in Hell and that the Devil lives at the statue that his ship crashed into. He gives Richard the Dogen knife and tells him again, "Do not let him talk to you." Richard heads off to kill El Diablo.

Of course, El Diablo, is in fact Jacob. Jacob tells Richard that no, he is not dead and he is not in Hell. He tells Richard that the island is a cork that is keeping the evil contained. He tells Richard that he has been bringing people to the island to try to prove to MIB that people have an inherent nature to choose to be good. Then, he recruits Richard to be his liason to the people he brings to the island. He asks Richard what he would like in return for his service, to which Richard asks to have his wife back. "I can't do that." He then asks to be absolved of his sins. "I can't do that." Then he wants to live forever. "That I can do." Jacob then touches Richard's shoulder.

Back in the current time line, Richard goes looking for the spot where he buried Isabelle's necklace many, many years ago. Hurley follows him and when he catches up to him, he tells him that Isabelle told him to go after him. Richard and Hurley share a Patrick Swayze Ghost moment with Hurley telling Richard what Isabelle is saying (I'm just glad they didn't kiss like Whoopie and Demi did in the movie...UGH!!). She tells him he is not responsible for what happened to her, etc., and then she tells him he must not follow MIB. This seems to be enough to convice Richard to remain on Team Jacob...even though he had been calling out to MIB, saying he had changed his mind. Hurley must have arrived just in time as the screen then cuts to..............


Finally, we see Jacob and MIB (wish we could find out his real name) back on the island. MIB tells Jacob that he will eventually kill him, so that MIB can be released to which Jacob says that someone will just replace him. MIB then tells Jacob that he will just kill the next person too. That doesn't sound too good for our candidates. Then Jacob gives MIB the bottle of wine to pass the time. MIB then smashes the bottle on the rocks.

Soooo.....the question we are all having is...are they truly in Hell? Have they been dead all along? I do not believe they are. I believe this was just MIB's manipulation of Richard's religious beliefs and playing on his guilt and shame of killing a man, as well as his grief from losing his wife. I do believe that MIB could be some form of the Devil, or at the very least some form of evil or Hell, so I believe Jacob or the island is keeping him/it contained so it will not be unleashed on the rest of the world. If the island is destroyed, then it would seem feasible that he would then be set free (just like him breaking the bottle of wine on the rocks). Therefore, I can see why Smokey would want a hydrogen bomb to be brought to the island, and I can see why he would want the island to sink to the bottom of the sea. I am sure there are many other aspects of these new revelations that could be discussed, but I will leave my thoughts here. Great episode as I knew it would be. :)


I don't want to leave anyone without some kind of spoiler, so here is the latest from Watch with Kristin as posted on DarkUFO's site. Once again, I have to thank DarkUFO for the pics that I post. If you have not visited his site, you can find it at

More Four-Play: Just what you wanted (no?) a new four letter word that will be revealed in two weeks which is very important. If you want to play along, here goes: This word has no A's, one E, and as of episode 11 it will be clear that this four-letter word is what this series is ultimately all about. It's also the word that just might end up connecting the two worlds (the island and the Flash-Sideways Los Angeles) we've been seeing all season long.

Scoop on next week's episode:

- There's a reveal about Jin and Sun that will shock you. They are *o* *a*****!
- We'll see Daniel Dae Kim shirtless. (You're welcome, Josh Holloway, who lobbied for that. And you're welcome, world.)
- Fake Locke reveals why they need to leave the island.
- We learn that a female Lostie is "expendable."
- There will be a "package."

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Detective James Ford

Recon....the Sawyer/James-centric episode. Well, I have to say...even though I am a HUGE Sawyer fan, compared to some of the other episodes we have seen so far this season, I didn't like this one as much. I guess because it followed such an epic Ben episode last week and is preceding the mega-epic Richard episode next week. Still, any Sawyer-centric episode "aint half bad."

So, in Sawyer's Flash Sideways, he is a detective for the LAPD. (With his partner being Miles)Surprising to say the least. Though, it does seem that he still has some unresolved issues regarding his parent's death. He is still consumed by finding Cooper and in fact we learn that he still went to Australia to find him. It is strange though that Cooper seems to have a good relationship with Locke in FS time, but was still conning Sawyer's mom when Sawyer was 9. Thus, Cooper still = the bad guy in my book. Maybe FS Locke just hasn't figured it out yet.

For those of you who didn't already figure it out....this was Liam, Charlies brother, asking where his brother was who was brought in for drug charges. Yay! More Charlie soon to come I hope!!

Meanwhile, back on the island, Flocke addresses his crew and Claire gets a little nuts. She goes after Kate with a knife and Flocke pulls her off of Kate, slaps her down and tells her to "go sit in the corner." Well, he doesn't really say that, but he may as well have. Okay dad...but she started it. >:( Flocke then has a conversation with Kate, telling her that he has "mommy issues" and that his mother was crazy. Really? No kidding?? I never would have guessed. I think his real ploy here though was telling Kate that now Aaron had a crazy mommy, thus trying to make Kate and Claire enemies. I don't think it worked though....

....or is Claire just keeping her friends close and her enemies closer???

Sawyer goes on a recon mission for Flocke to the Hydra island. While he is there, he finds the Ajira plane and also runs into the "only survivor" Zoe. She tries to con the con man but he doesn't buy it and eventually finds out she is actually part of Widmore's crew brought to the island on the submarine. She takes him to the sub to meet Widmore but when he is down in the sub, he sees this.

Hmmm.....I'll trade you for what's behind door #2. Any guesses on what's behind the locked door? I can definitely see Widmore dragging Desmond along, kicking and fighting, and only being contained because he is locked behind this door. Come on...bring on some more butt-kicking Desmond!!!

So, FS Detective Ford goes on a blind date and the blind date ends up being Charlotte. Miles tells James that she "works with his dad at the museum." Interesting. Now I am wondering how Miles and his dad got off the island. Or maybe Miles meant his step-dad....but I'm betting not. In any case, James and Charlotte hit it off and wind up going back to Ford's place and....{insert censor here} Afterwards, Charlotte is innocently looking for a t-shirt in his dresser when she stumbles upon...........

....his Sawyer file. He flips out and tells her to get out. The next day he feels bad and tries to woo her back with a sunflower and a case of beer. (Sorry James, that only works on Juliette). Miles finds out he went to Australia instead of Florida which is where Miles thought he was. Miles tells him he's no longer his partner. James then tells Miles the truth about why he went to Australia and they work things out when all of the sudden their parked car gets hit by another car and someone gets out and starts running. They run the person down and discover it is Kate. Dun...dun...dun...


Next weeks episode is all about Richard!!!!!! YAY!!! I cannot wait for this episode!!! Here is a sneek peek for next week!!

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A few pics from my trip to OK.

My dad with all 5 of his kids.

Me and my beautiful family.

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"It's Dr. Linus actually."

As some of you may know, I have been on a 2-week hiatus from updating my blog due to my mother being called home to the Lord. It has been a tough couple of weeks, but we are making it through. I appreciate all the love and support I have received from all of my friends and family. Due to missing 2 weeks of LOST, I am going to just start my recaps with last night's episode, Dr. Linus, and continue from there. Lighthouse and Sundown were excellent episodes though. The most interesting thing I think about Sundown was seeing Jin in the freezer at the end. Very curious about his involvement with that crew.

So we start off this episode seeing Ben in the Flash Sideways teaching his history class. I have to say that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this episode. It has confirmed my suspicion that all along Ben has been inherently a good-hearted, kind person at the depth of his soul and it was just awesome to see it finally come through.
Just as interesting in this episode was the Jack, Hurley and Richard story line. So, Jacob has given each of those he touched a gift...much like I had suggested back in my blog post about Touched By An Angel. Does this mean that all 6 of the candidates can no longer age such as Richard? Also, what did Richard mean when he told Jack and Hurley that they would not believe where he has been? Was he in the the past...or something else altogether?? It was great to see Jack grasping on to the faith that Jacob did, indeed, bring him to the island for a reason, even though he still doesn't know what that reason is. I am really liking Season 6 Jack. I can't wait for the Richard-centric episode as I think we will see him in those chains he was looking at in the Black Rock.

Ilana finds out that Ben was, in fact, the one who killed Jacob; so she makes him dig his own grave. However, Flocke pops out of the jungle to offer Ben the option of coming to "the dark side" and he will give him the power over the island that Ben has always wanted. Ben decides to take that option at first, but when presented gun-to-gun with Ilana, he tells her the truth about why he killed Jacob and how he is truly sorry for it. When Ilana told Ben, "I'll have you," I have to admit I had a lump in my throat. That was just awesome to see Ben finally being redeemed and forgiven for the things he had done.

This seemed to flow over into the Flash Sideways as well. Instead of being manipulative and greedy for power, Ben chooses to let it all go for the good of Alex. I loved seeing how Ben's scale was tipped from dark to light in this episode. It makes me think that all of them have the option of making their scale tip, just as each of us, depending on the choices we make in our own lives.

The reunion at the beach at the end of the episode was so reminiscent of Season 1 episodes, that it had me tearing up. Sun finally seeing Jack and Hurley again, with renewed hope to see Jin again; Jack and Lapidus; Hurley and Miles and even Jack and Ben giving each other that small acknowledging look at the end. It was just awesome and I love how this final season is going!!!
So lets look at the sides.

Team Jack consists of Lapidus, Miles, Hurley, Sun, Ilana, Richard and Ben. Team Flocke consists of Sayid, Claire, Sawyer, Kate and everyone else left over from The Temple. So which side would you be on??? I'm still with Team Jacob. I still feel he is the good guy.

And finally.....

"There are people on the beach." Widmore is back. Is he the man that Jacob wanted Hurley to help bring to the island?? Or is there possibly someone else in the submarine with Widmore?? Someone by the name of......Desmond??? :) I'm hoping so!!!
A sneak peek of next week's episode...Recon.