Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Locke Lives!!!!!! least he does in The Substitute. I love Locke-centric episodes (or in this case Locke/Flocke-centric). They always seem to be the episodes where we get the most questions answered, and we weren't disappointed with last night's epi. Though, we still don't know why the polar bears are on the island. I did read a spoiler recently that said Charlotte was filming again, so perhaps we will get that question answered yet!! (for Mr. M) :-}

In the flash sideways, we get to see Locke in what seems to be a happy life. He is still with Helen, who is very much alive. It seems he is still on good terms with his father as they are planning on inviting him to their wedding, and he has a pic of them together on his desk.

But he is still plagued by the fact that he seems "trapped" in his wheelchair. He gets fired, goes to Hurley's temp agency (how awesome was Hurley by the way!!) and while there, talks to Rose. Rose and Bernard still seem very important to the show, and I am still on board the Rose/Bernard = Adam/Eve train. Rose tells Locke that she finally stopped dwelling on the past and started living her life. This seems to be enough to push Locke out of his rut and he finally starts living. One of the best scenes of the night was when substitute Locke meets European History teacher Benjamin Linus. Again, it goes back to my theory that they all will interact with each other regardless of being on the island or not. It is their destiny. Another thing I was wondering is, if Locke is still on good terms with pop, then how did he wind up in the chair. Obviously dad didn't push him out of an 8 story building??

Meanwhile, back on the island, it is "game on." Flocke is recruiting...but recruiting for what? The first thing that comes to my mind is "the war" that has been talked about for so long. Black vs white, this time represented by rocks on a balance scale, once again comes into play. But Flocke takes the white rock and chucks it into the ocean. Flocke takes Sawyer to the cliffside cave, which he tells him was Jacob's cave. Hmmm...Jacob's cabin. Jacob's foot statue. Jacob's cliffside cave. No wonder Flocke is upset. Jacob gets everything . {stomps foot and kicks at rock} On their way to the cave though, they meet a cute, sweet, little boy......

Umm....make that a creepy, blood-covered young-Jacob-looking boy. What is up with this kid? I am thinking either this is, in fact, a young Jacob or it is Aaron. I like the idea that it is Aaron, but what is his significance and why is Flocke so afraid of him? Richard apparently could not see him but Sawyer could. Could it be that Sawyer could see him because Sawyer was one of the candidates? Also, why does he tell Flocke, "You know the rules. You can't kill him." Who is he talking about? Richard? Sawyer? This was an interesting twist on things.

Speaking of the candidates...we finally got a little explanation of what the numbers are!!! The people that Jacob touched are his candidates for replacements to take over as island protectors. Apparently Jacob assigned numbers to all the candidates with the specific numbers (Hurley's lottery ticket numbers, the hatch computer numbers...etc) corresponding to some familiar names. Interestingly though, Kate is not on the wall. Neither is Aaron. I wonder if this means that Kate was not supposed to leave the island with the Oceanic 6. Maybe she was supposed to jump out of the helicopter instead of Sawyer. Or maybe she has a different purpose altogether. All the people on the wall were people that Jacob touched (physically) at some point in their lives, so this was his way of choosing his candidates. Flocke tells Sawyer there is nothing that the island needs protection from, but I think he is lying. I am still Team Jacob (not in Twilight though) so I believe that inherently Jacob's team and his plan is the one that is for the best for everyone.

I heard an interesting theory about the final outcome of the show. This person said, "What if the end of the show has Jack and Sawyer sitting on the beach, just like Jacob and MIB with Jack taking the role of Jacob and Sawyer taking the role of MIB. Sawyer says that it always ends the same and Jack says, it only ends once. Everything else is just progress." Interesting theory I had to share.

*****************Now on to spoilers******************

Next week's episode is called The Lighthouse. I believe it will be a Jack-centric episode. Matthew Fox (Jack) was quoted in an interview saying this was probably the most important episode of the series for Jack as he is finally coming to terms with what he is truly meant to do on the island. Also, we will get to see more of Bindi the Jungle Girl Claire next week! Here is a Sneek Peek for next week's show!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Karen Did....yesterday.

She sat in her house, with no power for half the day. Sorry about the delay in getting my recap posted, but all this rain caused some trees to fall in our neighborhood and our power was out half the day yesterday. If you ever want to discover just how dependent you have become on the internet, just go without power and access to Facebook for a day!!! I could never survive on the island...well, maybe in the hatch. At least there was a computer in there. :)
Now.....on to the good stuff.

So, Kate is a gun-wielding convict again. After she gets away from the cops, she jacks the cab that Claire just so happens to be in. Are we to presume that no matter what the circumstances, all of these people are destined to be in each other's lives somehow? I'm beginning to think so.

Kate takes Claire to the house of the couple who are supposed to be adopting her baby, only to find out that the woman's husband has left her and now they do not want to adopt the baby. Claire goes into labor and Kate takes her to the hospital. A familiar doctor is there to perform an ultrasound on Claire (see 2nd image below). The image above is curious because it gives a date of 10/22/2004 as the date of the ultrasound (i.e., the day the plane landed in LA). This would make it 1 month later than the date the plane crashed on the island. Hmmm....

Poor Sayid. First shot, then drowned, then dead, then tortured and finally almost poisoned by this little pill. Why is it when I see this pic, all I can think of is "I get by with a little help from my friends?" In any case, Jack decides not to give it to Sayid and instead tries to pop the pill himself only to have Dogen (Kung Fu Panda guy), Heimlich it out of him. He tells Jack it is poison and it is meant to cure the darkness that is slowly "claiming" Sayid. He then tells Jack that he knows this happens, because, "It happened to your sister." Wha?!?!

Insert creepy doctor pic here. Ethan?!? Seriously?? Don't let him near Claire OR Aaron. I would not be surprised to find out that Ethan is in fact the sleezy husband who left the woman who was supposed to adopt Claire's baby. Everything still inter-connects somehow.

Speaking of Claire.....SHE'S BAAAAAAACK!!! The question is, will she be on the side of good, or the side of evil? That is the inherent question for everyone on the island, I suppose. At least she did help Jin get away from the Others. But now what will she do??


Finally, here is a pic spoiler for next week's episode, The Substitue. It is a Locke-centric episode!! Can't wait. It should be really good and hopefully we will get some good answers out of it!!

Umm...yes that is Locke with his creepy, jerk father...and they look happy????

Monday, February 8, 2010

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The beginning of the end.

Finally!!! After so many long months, LOST is back!! I don't even know where to begin to talk about last night's premier because it was just packed full of such great stuff!! Ummm...the island is under water(?), fake Locke is Smokey (but WHO is he???); alternate timeline story is awesome (seeing all our beloved Losties again like Boone and Charlie), THE TEMPLE, Juliet dies (for real this time), Hurley is AWESOME, Kate seems more like Season 1 Kate again, and a possible fountain of youth??? And this was just the first episode of Season 6!!!

Okay, Desmond was on the plane??? Ummm....I don't even know what to make of this. I guess if the bomb went off, the hatch was never built, so therefore he couldn't be in the hatch to push the button and so therefore, he ends up on the plane. However, after Jack saves Charlie in the bathroom, he disappears. Does that mean that Desmond dies in alt. time instead of Charlie?? Very curious, but soooooo happy to see Desmond again!!

It seems that Jack was wrong in his thinking the bomb would work as the Losties are still on the island and the hatch did, in fact, get built. (so there goes the Desmond on the plane theory) However, they are not "lost" in the '70s anymore. Sawyer is pissed at Jack for being wrong...again...but then they discover Juliet is actually still alive and try to get to her. Sawyer gets down there but sadly, she dies anyway but this time in his arms. :( Just before she dies though, she says some curious things. "We should get coffee sometime. We can go Dutch. I have to tell you something....." Okay....what is it Juliet? Juliet??? JULIET!!! NO!! You can't leave us hanging like that. Oh wait, it's okay because Miles can talk to dead people. Miles, what was she going to say?? Miles: "She said it worked." My theory is that while Juliet was there dying in Sawyer's arms, she actually time traveled to the alt. time (like Desmond does) and was having that coversation about coffee with alternate Sawyer. I think we will see her having that conversation with him again at some point...perhaps in the finale?? Maybe they will get to live happily ever after. :)

Now Jacob is dead too which makes me :( because I really, really like Jacob. But that's okay because Hurley can see AND talk to dead people. Good thing we have Miles and Hurley on the island this season!! Jacob tells Hurley he has to get Sayid to the temple to save him...oh and bring the guitar case with you Hurley because it has an Egyptian relic in it that the Kung Fu guy has to break open and get a piece of paper out of. Wha???

So he does...but get that red shirt off of him already!!! We cannot have a Hurley death. No red shirts for Hurley!!

So at the temple, we meet some more Others (Kung Fu guy). Good thing because that's just what the island needed was more Others. In any case, we finally get to see what the infamous temple is and see what is inside it. Very cool!!

The new Locke (or Flocke as he is now being affectionately referred to...Fake + Locke = Flocke) seems pretty evil. He is, in fact, Smokey as it turns out!!! Best line of the night...Flocke to Ben: "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." Poor Ben though. He has been a pawn in this all along. Curious what Flocke said to Richard towards the end. "Nice to see you with those chains off." We are supposed to be getting a Richard back story this season, so I'm sure that will answer lots of questions (see spoilers below). Though it seems we may know why Richard doesn't seem to age now. Could it be because they have.................

............a possible fountain of youth??? Maybe not exactly a fountain of youth, but definitely something with healing properties. "Why isn't the water clear anymore?" Hmmm....perhaps because Jacob is dead now??? In any case, it still had enough power to bring back...........

.....SAYID!!! Speculation is that Sayid is now Jacob, but I'm not sure on this one. In any case, thank goodness we didn't lose one of our favs...right Tearz!!!
And now for some spoilers!!! (courtesy of DarkUFO Kristin)
Next Week Will Blow You Away: After you see the final 10 minutes of next week's episode, it will become increasingly clear what the entire final season of Lost is leading up to. (I smell a war coming on!)
Get Ready for Two Surprising Reappearances: (1) A certain someone you thought was dead will be back, and how he or she returns, and what it means for the future of the other Losties on the island, will have your brain spinning. (2) Someone else appears in Los Angeles next week that I did not know was returning at all, and it's awesome.
There Will Be Some Shipper Moments Next Week: Kate will have a tender moment with Jack, and she'll also have a revealing moment with Sawyer, and there will definitely be some clear indication as to where the romantic storylines (or lack thereof) will be heading this season.
Richard Alpert Was a Slave?! Flocke mentioned that Richard was in chains. There has long been talk that crew of the Black Rock (allegedly a mining vessel) were slaves, and when we've visited the ship in the past, skeletons were found shackled together. So was Alpert on the Black Rock? The good news is we will find out. Nestor Carbonell (Richard) tells me: "You're going to get all your answers: Why doesn't he age? Where's he from? What his powers might be? Who he is? And there is one specific episode that deals with all of that. I was blown away by what they wrote."
Claire and Sayid Will Have Something in Common. Something big.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Slow down.

Confused daffodils.

This weekend offered us a chance to slow down a bit as the weather had us "shut in." It was nice to be able to just relax and enjoy my family. After the things I have been seeing and reading about for the last week, it was nice to be able to just enjoy spending time with them. Here are a few pics of our wintery weekend.

BTW, don't think I have forgotten that our beloved LOST premier is tomorrow night!! I hope you all are as excited as I am!!!