Thursday, May 14, 2009

Touched by an angel??? (long post)

How do I even start?? What an epic season finale!!!! So much packed into 2 hours, it was hard to decide what to blog about. I love, love, love Jacob and so glad that we finally got to learn a little about him. I think he may be my new favorite character....that is, if he is still alive.

"What lies beneath the shadow of the statue?" According to a few posts on-line, the correct answer (provided by Richard in Latin) is "He who will save us all." After seeing another shot of the statue (awesome), I now believe this is actually Sobek. You can read more about Sobek here...

Jacob and "mystery bad guy" watch as The Black Rock approaches the island. (awesome again!!) The first 10 minutes of the show, and already it is blowing my mind!! Jacob in white signifies he is inherently good, and "mystery man" being in black obviously bad. This gave me the idea that possibly the forces of good and evil at work on the island are actually the forces of God vs. Devil, or something similar. Perhaps good angel vs. bad angel, battling for the souls of mankind. Or it could just be The Force vs. The Dark Side, since the producers are huge Star Wars fans!! lol!! In any case, Jacob seems to have the power to render people ageless (according to Richard), which I believe he is doing throughout the episode by touching each one of our Losties. See pics below.

Jin and Sun



Touched by an angel? Well, I don't see Michael Landon (or John Travolta for that matter), so it could be far-fetched, but still an interesting theory. Sooooo long to wait to find out more!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Vincent is back!!!

And Rose and Bernard!!! I love that they hav been living on their own all this time...oblivious to all the chaos going on and blissfully so. I still think they are Adam and Eve in the caves from Season 1 and that they will live together, but die together, not alone, and happy. Wierd that Bernard asked Juliette if she wanted tea though?? Seemed oddly random.

It only took 5 seaons for Jack and Sawyer to finally beat the crap out of each other. Sawyer plays dirty though. That was a low blow Sawyer. Jack just doesn't realize that his plan is never going to work. Miles is the only one speaking any sense when he says that Jack will, in fact, cause the incident. I love that Miles and Chang know that they are father and son now. I hope Chang makes it. Also, I hope someone else makes it......

SAYID!!! It was heart-wrenching to see him loose his wife like that. Poor guy. I am really hoping he doesn't die. I don't think he will though, as he was touched by Jacob. Hurley's still here least until next season!!! Yeah!!!! Didn't get much of him in the finale though. :(

Sun and Jin's sweet. I love that Jin had to write down his wedding vows. Awwww!! I will be happy when they are reunited again, hopefully.

Charlie's ring. :( {tear}


The ash ring around Jacob's cabin....breached. Soooo....does this mean that the person John originally saw in the cabin was actually "mystery man" and wanted John to "help him" kill Jacob? The ash was keeping him contained in the cabin, but he got out somehow.

The cloth from the cabin. Shows a better picture of Sobek.

Phil got owned. Told ya not to mess with Sawyer. Only wish it would have been Radzinsky. Speaking of Sawyer....

...............{still have lump in my throat} Heartbreaking.

So, what's in the big silver box???

..........What th??? OMG!!!!

Poor Ben. He has been a pawn in the game of black v. white all along. It is interesting though that Jacob tells him he has a choice. He can go along with what "John" has told him to do or he can leave. He can use his free will. Just like God gives each of us free will, Ben must use his to decide what to do. Though, I think he made the wrong decision.

"They're coming."

No JOHN!!!! NO!!!

Whew! She made it.


....never mind. :(

Now we wait....7 months we wait......until 2010. It seems like a lifetime away, but I know the final season will be worth the wait.


Shannon said...

sorry it has taken me so long to read this, we tivoed it and just got around to watching it!! great recap. that was an amazing season finalie!! so good. so who do you think is coming?? it was interesting because jacob and the bad guy had a talk about people coming to the island in the first scene, bad guy didn't want them to come but it seemed that jacob did. we were let to assume that "they are coming" ment the others outside, but i don't think so after seeing the look on lockees/bad guys face. hmmmm!! why 2010? that is just cruel :)!!

Karen said...

I'm not sure who's coming, but a Jack/Sawyer/Sayid/Jin/Hurley/Miles team against bad-guy Locke would be an interesting "war." I just wonder who would side with Locke. Probably Kate...she's so wishy-washy. The show's producers are big fans of Stephen King, so they are making us suffer in pain until 2010, like he would do!!! lol!!!